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Residence/Business Clearing
Residence Clearing
$65/per hr
Business Clearing
$65/per hr
Contact Jessica to book your appointment. *Please include  the session duration you prefer.
RESIDENCE CLEARING transforms environmental energies and makes your home safer, healthier, and happier for you and your family, animals, and plants.
Common experience for Residence Clearing
  • Feeling increase in peace and tranquility
  • Focus and concentrate better
  • Better sleep and/or no nightmares
  • Feeling less irritation
  • Positive behavior in children and animals
  • Finish tasks and projects more easily
(Up to 15 miles of travel, $5 per every 5 additional miles)
BUSINESS CLEARING is aimed at creating a healthy, productive, and profitable environment.
Common experience for Business Clearing
  • Better communication and morale
  • Improved sales
  • Better employee performance
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Fewer accidents and equipment breakdowns
  • Lower absenteeism
(Up to 15 miles of travel, $5 per every 5 additional miles)
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